Combed top of slovak breedspecific fibers - MIX, 100g

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Combed top of six different animal fibers, all bred and processed in Slovakia. It contains fibers of Charillais, Suffolk, Ouessant, Suffolk/Walachian cross, Merino/Walachian cross and alpaca. This mix is unique and unrepeatable!

Contrary to the situation abroad, combed tops made of slovak wool are a rare thing. We are quite happy to have our local wool in the form of industrially processed combed top in our offer.

Combed top is a strand of wool (or other combed fiber), which serves as a semi-finished product primarily for spinning yarn on a spindle or spinning wheel.

So attention, dear spinners! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced spinner, looking for a local wool, or you want to expand your knowledge about different types of breedspecific wool, this is something for you!

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Color: undyed, natural 

Staple length: varied, approx. 6-9cm 

Fibre diameter: approx. 25-30 microns 

Delivery: 100g of hand-weighed, rewound, and labeled combed top  If you are interested in a quantity larger than 9kg, please contact us for customized shipping arrangements. 

Combed top of Slovak Breed Wool Mix: 

This mix came together very organically - during shearing time, we collected different types of breedspecific local wool. Therefore, we decided to test what would happen if we combined some of it :-) We mixed finer wool with stronger wool to create a durable yarn and blended white with dark to achieve a beautiful, unique melange

Percentage breakdown of individual animal fibers:

32% Suffolk/Valachian - a resilient and strong component of the roving, ensuring the yarn and knitted items last longer 

22% Charollais - fine, shorter, lofty wool that adds elasticity to the yarn 

17% Dark brown Ouessant - medium fineness, providing the roving with a lovely melange color without the use of dyes 

16% Merino/Valachian - a blend of the finest and strongest wool, resulting in nothing less than a happy medium :-D 

10% Suffolk - elastic but strong wool, adding durability to the products 

3% Cinnamon brown Alpaca - Alpaca is animal fiber different than wool, but it has many similar properties and adds silky softness 

Since it is still more common to obtain industrially processed combed top or roving from abroad, we sought a way to bring back Slovak sheep wool to the market in this form, as well, so that spinners and felters can enjoy our local wool

If you are looking for wool for felting, this combed top will do it quite well, thanks to the inclusion of finer Merino and Charollais.

You can read more about Ouessant breedspecific wool HERE.