St John's wort sweater VAJANA handdyed and handknit

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We are offering our first VAJANA sweater prototype for sale! Made with our slovak breedspecific Suffolk yarn ONA, dyed naturally with St.Johns wort, which we ourselves picked manually during the last summer solstice. We believe all this makes the sweater outright healing! 

380.00 €

This sweater was knitted twice, first in size S as a testing prototype, then frogged and knit again in size M/L, to make it just right, as a testknit for the final pattern.

We published our VAJANA sweater pattern in the beginning of 2023 and this piece is therefore something special we decided to let go for one of you.
It is cozy, warm and very feminine and above all, it stands upon the ayurvedic principle, that plantdyed yarns can work somewhat like homeopathic medicine - the power of plants that dyed the fibers, was believed to have positive effect on the person wearing the garment :-)

It is knitted with our plantdyed limited edition yarn ONA, top down, with sharp neckline rib continuing deep into sleeves and then flaring out into puffed lower sleeves and getting back to the slender rib at the wrists. Body is simple and smooth, with comfy 5 cm ease, shorter and ending with wide, hip-hugging rib.

Vajana [Vaiana] is the name of slavic fires, lit on the day of summer solstice (St.Johns night). Traditionally on this night, certain healing herbs were picked, because it was believed they contain the most of their healing power at the peak of summer.

Measurements, size M/L:
Bust circumference: 51x2 (102cm)
Length: 61cm
Sleeve length from shoulder: 66cm
Bottom hem width: 37cm
The fabric is very airy and stretchy, however, so you can add another 10cm of ease for comfortable wearing.

The pattern is available in englis, too, HERE.

Plantdyed worsted weight yarn ONA is available HERE.