PREORDER of hand-dyed MOKOŠA yarns

Choose exactly according to your preferences! Combine yarn and colors for your project, in the exact amount you need.

Orders, accepted during one month, are hand-dyed and delivered the following month.

Choose a variant:

Starting at 13.90 €

We have our slovak wool dyed by hand in small quantities. Our preorder product will allow you to order a specific yarn in the color and quantity you need. This is the ideal way to match your demand with our offer and make our handdyed yarns easily accessible.

The preorder takes place in a two-month cycle. You can place your order anytime and we will send the ordered yarns for dyeing at the end of each calendar month. Over the next month, the yarns will be hand-dyed for you and delivered to your creative hands.

Advantages of preorder for you

  • You don't have to worry whether the yarn you like in the colour you like will sell out
  • You can plan costs in advance
  • You will get enough yarn in the color you need for your project
  • We can be sure to provide exactly what you need.

How to preorder - a wider choice and warranty

1. Choose a specific undyed yarn from our offer:

  • ONA/SHE: 100g / 180 m, 3-ply suffolk / wallachian, worsted, 10x10 cm: 17 stitches x 25 rows. More info about yarn here.
  • VZDUCH/AIR: 100g / 550 m, 2-ply suffolk, lace, 10x10 cm: 32 stitches x 42 rows. More info about yarn here.
  • SPOLU/TOGETHER: 100g / 330 m, 2-ply suffolk / romney, sport, 10x10 cm: 25 stitches x 32 rows. More info about yarn here.
  • ZEM/EARTH: 100g / 270 m, 4.ply chain suffolk, DK, 10x10 cm: 24 stitches x 30 rows. More info about yarn here.

2. Choose a colorway from our palette:

3. Select the required quantity.

4. Place the order and by the end of the following month we will deliver your fluffy package of hand-dyed yarn.