Woolen yarn VZDUCH, 2-ply suffolk, natural, 100g, lace

VZDUCH (in slovak AIR) is the name of our 2-ply breed specific suffolk local wool yarn of a lace yarn weight, processed in Slovakia.

Suffolk represents the "golden middle" among different types of wool in both softness and durability. It is fluffy, flexible, warm and durable. In a heavier yarn weight, for example in the yarn ONA, ZEM or SPOLU, it is suitable for outerwear.

However, VZDUCH is a thin, 2-ply lace yarn, which means that it is made for open and eyelet knitting patterns. It is light, yet strong, perfect for fine shawls or lightweight summer sweaters, or for combining with other yarns while knitting double.

9.90 €


  • Color: undyed, natural
  • Structure: 2-ply
  • Yarn weight: 550m / 100g, lace
  • Content: 100% suffolk wool
  • Sample: 10x10cm: 32 stitches x 42 rows
  • WPI: 28
  • Needles: 2.5mm (according to individual tension)
  • Delivery: hand-rewound and labeled cake

It must be taken into account that the suffolk does not belong among the fine-wool breeds, so we recommend wearing a VZDUCH shawl next to your skin mainly for those who like more rustic wools.

But if you have sensitive skin, do not worry - VZDUCH is great as a base for knitting double and combining with other yarns, especially with mohair.

Breedspecific wool - suffolk

Suffolk is originally an English breed of sheep, from the lowlands (one of the so-called "down breeds"), world-wide spread and adaptable, already bred in Slovakia quite commonly. It belongs among the meat breeds, therefore its wool has long been overlooked as a by-product. This is a shame, of course, because this fiber (like everything) has its specific advantages.

The wool of the suffolk breed even belongs among those fibers that are not so easily felted. This can be an advantage in the maintenance of finished products, since there is much lower risk of felting during washing. If you would like to felt it, you can, but it will take a little longer than felting merino :-)

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