Combed top, wallachian wool, natural, 100g

Combed top of slovak wallachian wool, processed in Slovakia, suitable for spinning, felting and other craft. Wallachian is a sheep breed, typical for our area. It belongs among coarse-wool primitive conservation breeds and its fibers are great for projects that require greater abrasion resistance, or for making yarns for utility textiles.

Contrary to the situation abroad, combed tops made of slovak wool are a rare thing. We are quite happy to have our local wool in the form of industrially processed combed top in our offer.

Combed top is a strand of wool (or other combed fiber), which serves as a semi-finished product primarily for spinning yarn on a spindle or spinning wheel.

So attention, dear spinners! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced spinner, looking for a local wool, or you want to expand your knowledge about different types of breedspecific wool, this is something for you!

6.00 €


  • Color: undyed, natural
  • Staple length: approx. 6-7cm
  • Fineness: approx. 30-35mic
  • Delivery: 100g of hand-weighed, braided and labeled combed top
  • If you are interested in a quantity of more than 9 kg, please contact us to set up individual shipping

Wallachian breedspecific wool:

Wallachians belong to our traditionally bred breeds of sheep. Originally from the Balkan Peninsula, they came to us a few centuries ago with Wallachian colonization, and have stayed ever since.

Their wool is one of the coarser and longer types of wool, and it adds strength to the yarn, so for example, in the yarn for knitted socks, it replaces synthetic fiber.

In any case, you will also find different wool among Wallachian sheep - in Slovakia there are two officially differentiated breeds:

  • original wallachian with coarse wool, often up to 30 cm long
  • refined wallachian with shorter and finer, more flexible wool

The wool in our combed top belongs to the shorter spectrum - however, due to its roughness, it does not need much twist to be spun. It is therefore suitable for slippers or home accessories, gloves, socks, bags, tapestries, etc.

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