Unique handdyed multi-colour yarns

Mystery club is a limited edition specialty, where you can enjoy multi-coloured yarns we do not usually carry, as well as the moment of surprise. You can get in your package uniquely handdyed yarns of your choice for one, two or three months.

Our mystery club will work as one month offer, where you can choose one of our yarnbases (ONA, ZEM) or combed tops (suffolk and texel) and its quantity. After that, you only wait until the mystery package arrives on chosen months. 

Order December mystery club until 19.11. 2022 - 23:59.

Order January mystery club until 17.12. 2022 - 23:59.

Order February mystery club until 14.1. 2023 - 23:59.

Next, spring mystery club will launch in February.

    Mystery club is also a great gift, if you have a yarn-lover around. If you would like to give it, you only send us a note with your order, fill your invoice address and a different posting address and we will send a giftcard to your own address so that you can present it as a gift and the receiver will be sent all ordered packages in chosen months.

    For every month, there is a moodboard of colours, which you will find on your handdyed yarns. You will therefore know the palette beforehand, but see the actual yarns only at the moment of delivery.

    Specifically December club has a timing, so that you can give the giftcard for Christmas and yarns will be delivered in between the holidays!

    How does it work:

    • by placing the order you ensure receiving the packages in chosen months

    • choose month, yarn and its quantity (100g-500g)

    • pay the invoice

    • look forward to the meisterstuck of our indie dyer, which you receive always at the end of the chosen month

    • share with us (by using #mysteryclubmokosa on FB/IG) what have you created!


    • December - I order 500g of yarn ONA for a sweater

    • January - I order 200g of combed tops to spin a wonderful yarn 

    • February - I order 200g of yarn ZEM for socks for myself and a loved one :-)