Who is Mokoša and what our project is all about? 

Ľubica Noemi and Alena

There are two of us. We are not sisters, but we are a lot alike. Taste, style, interests, but what we have mainly in common, is the love for wool. The real one. Produced as naturally, locally and transparently as possible.

So far, we have focused on hand-made wool under our brands MOTANINA - Alenka (the one with longer hair) and MANUZONA - Ľubica Noemi.

We have a lot of experience with spinning, combing, washing wool, learning from literature, webinars, videos or various podcasts, with experimenting and interviews. Today, we come up with visuals, collect inspiration, rewind and label, transport and send. You can read about how and why we started to work with the Slovak wool in Our Wool Story - HERE.

Ľubica Noemi lives in Pezinok, raises three sons and has been making a living, working with wool since 2016. She cooperates with ÚĽUV (slovak Institution of folk arts and crafts) as a producer and course lecturer, is a co-founder of a non-profit Naša Vlna (Our wool) and is the author of the small publication Manual Wool Processing, which is the first Slovak tutorial for the process from the raw fleece to handspun yarn. For years she has been visiting craft markets and engaged in activities connecting wool-lovers and returning slovak sheep wool to the market. For Mokoša, she provides texts, customer service, visuals and communication.

Alenka lives in Prague and besides animals, herbs and naturopathy, she is devoted to wool - getting to know it, combing, spinning, knitting and weaving. She is using her rich experience in management, marketing, foreign languages ​​in the for the online space of Mokoša, Czech market, visual aesthetics and innovative ideas.

By the synergic connection of these two zones of ours, MOKOŠA was born. Her aim is to return the appreciation of slovak sheep wool and its more accessible, machine-processed forms, back to its rightful place - among you all.


Who is Mokoša and what does she have to do with wool?

Mokoša is an ancient Slavic goddess who ruled the harvest, sheep, cattle and births. In addition, however, she also had handicrafts, spinning, weaving, flax, hemp and wool under her patronage. Her attribute was often spindle.

As most goddesses associated with fibers and textiles, Mokoša was believed to influence the fate and lifespan (did you notice how similar the words "spin" and "span" are?), because the connection to creating and cutting threads.

Together with her companions Sreča and Nesreča (Fortunate and Unfortunate) they formed a trio of Fates, whom we know also from other mythologies (eg Greek Norns).

You can find more about Mokoša in an article on our blog - HERE