After both of us spent some time spinning and knitting, we started looking around for local Slovak wool. We found that there is more than enough ... but only as raw fleece - wool shorn off the sheep once or twice a year. But at this very beginning, complications begin.

Crisis of the wool industry

The Slovak wool is going through a difficult period. It is not alone, sheep wool around the world has been experiencing a crisis in recent decades. It doesn't deserve it, it has served humanity for millennia as one of the most functional and versatile natural materials.

Almost our entire wool processing industry in Slovakia mysteriously disappeared somewhere, and sheep farmers, who, in addition to meat and dairy production, also made a living by selling wool, suddenly have nothing to do with it. They burn it, bury it, store it, hoping that one day someone will take it and use it. Few people buy or process, there is no place for washing wool in our country at the moment. Manufacturers of woolen products can be counted on the fingers of two hands, and only half of them work with our local wool.

But the good news is, they are.

We are not alone in trying to return the Slovak sheep wool to the market, but we all run into common problems. There is a lack of small-capacity lines for carding and combing and spinning of wool, where it would be possible to process quantities from one breeder. Raw wool has fallen in quality because there is no demand and the purchase price is demotivating.

Solutions for the Slovak wool

We searched, asked, talked, believing it was the right time to push this amazing healthy material from our own country back to the forefront. It took us a very long time, but in the end we managed to establish the necessary cooperation and obtain a machine-processed Slovak wool.

After testing it, we started further preparations, because we want to return this longed-for fibre to all the creative hands that are waiting for it, or they did not even know that it has disappeared in the meantime. During the last decades, you would have looked in vain for Slovak wool in yarnstores or e-shops (and now we mean balls, skeins, yarn for knitting and crocheting, or weaving) ... and we didn't want to leave it that way. We are going to supply this wool of ours wherever it will be welcome and valued as it deserves to be.

We are heading for the Slovak breedspecific wool

Our goal is to gradually introduce wool from various breeds of sheep bred in Slovakia. This concept of so-called breedspecific yarn (or wool) uses the specific properties of wool from a particular breed of sheep, which then improves the functionality of the final product. It is a rich area, we invite you to explore it with us!

  • You can read more about the concept of the breedspecific wool in our article - HERE

We hope that our intent to bring you something more local, fair-produced and stronger than just the finest merino, will find its customers, so that we can grow our support to local wool produce as well! :-)