Support for Slovak Wool

Not everyone who supports local wool, necesaarily spins or knits. We know there are many of you in our woolen community, who like what we do - therefore we created a way for you to support us, even if you don't need to purchase any wool.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to working with local slovak wool with love and passion. As the value of Slovak wool has (unjustly) declined over the last few decades and shepherds struggle to sell their fleeces, we have decided to take upon the mission of returning local wool the recognition it deserves.

Our work involves huge amount of effort, from finding quality-wool-producing shepherds, traveling, sorting fleeces by hand, having it processed, working with finished yarn and combed tops, dyeing, carding, running an e-shop and social media, designing and printing visuals, taking photos, writing descriptions and articles, planning the bussiness, having long-lasting work calls, and managing orders. No need to say that most of this effort is not paid.

You can read more about the story of Slovak wool here. 


While our intention is to bring machine-processed Slovak wool to the market (to save more wool throughout the years and to bring it to you for available prices), the majority of our work is small-scale and handmade. We personally handle tasks such as weighing, rewinding, labeling, hand-dyeing (or sending for hand-dyeing), packaging, and shipping the yarn. We continuously invent new variations and products to showcase the potential of local Slovak wool when given attention and care.

We spin and knit samples to better understand the fiber, create and knit patterns designed specifically for our yarns, and ensure attentive customer service. We value your feedback, respond to your comments, messages, and emails, provide advice when needed, and send newsletters to keep you updated.


Since the launch of Mokoša in November 2021, we have expanded our product range beyond the original five yarns in natural colors. Our e-shop now includes:

  • Natural and Hand-dyed permanent palette in eight colors - here

  • Limited edition naturally dyed yarns - here

  • Knitting patterns designed and tested by us - here

  • DIY packages and vouchers - here

  • Tools for wool processing - here

  • Three-month mystery club by season - current summer edition here

  • New combed tops of local breed-specific wool for spinning - here 

  • Informative articles on our blog about Slovak wool - here

  • Contests

Challenges and the Need for Support

We understand that every project takes time to establish and build a loyal customer base. We are grateful for each and every one of you who have become our customers so much we would hug all of you!

While Mokoša is alive and well, the costs still outweigh the profits. We have more and more work that we love to do but receive minimal to none compensation for. To fully dedicate ourselves to Mokoša and realize its full potential, we need also its reciprocal financial support. So far, we both need other sources of income, but our ultimate desire is to give our undivided attention to Mokoša.

How It Works

You can support us with any sum by using the link or the QR code below. If you already have enough wool or combed tops, or you have nonreal use for them, but still appreciate our work and want us to continue, any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

The funds will be exclusively used to support our Mokoša project and bring our many great ideas and plans for saving Slovak wool to fruition.

We are of course grateful in the same way for any other forms of support, such as kind words, messages, sharing our website and products, and spreading the good name of Mokoša through social media.

Thank you all in advance for your support, and we look forward to a bright future for Slovak Wool!

You can read more about us here.