Slovak breed specific wool, processed in Slovakia

Our woolen yarns, combed tops and wool processing tools all come from and are made in Slovakia, because our priority is to return Slovak sheep wool back to the market. For us, support of the local produce, direct relationship between manufacturer and customer and availability of woolen goods are very important.

We support Slovak mills processing wool, despite many obstacles and compromises. However, our goal is to gradually establish direct cooperation with shepherds, who can provide us with quality fleeces, and to whom we want to provide a fair purchase price for the wool in return.

We promote the concept of breed specific wool, which means it is sorted by individual sheep breeds. Each breed has a slightly different wool and is suitable for a different project. This system helps crafters to understand the wool better and therefore choose the best type of yarn for knitting, crochet, weaving or felting..

The return of Slovak wool to both our local and international market therefore means many good things: revival of the craft, which uses local renewable natural resource with unique, healthy properties, returning balance to the value of wool, supporting shepherds, pastures and local woolen mills and above all, returning yarns made of our slovak wool, into the hands of the crafters.

We believe that Mokoša, the ancient Slavic goddess of sheep, spinners and weavers, will help us to get this good work done.

You can read more about our story and goals here.


Woolen stories

Whatever we know about sheep wool in general and about local and breed specific in particular, we will share with you.

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