We bring you a carefully selected, combined, and arranged sampler for spinning in a gift box! If you enjoy trying out different fibers for spinning or want to give spinning a first chance, here's our SPINBOX - a spinning package where you'll find a selection of all our breedspecific fibers and something extra, too!

With our SPINBOX, you can enjoy pleasant learning experience and expand your spinning skills! The contents of the package can be found below - it varies depending on whether you choose the dyed or natural variant.

Choose a variant:

Starting at 30.00 €

We created SPINBOX for the summer event Tour de Fleece (more information can be found HERE), but it can be enjoyed anytime! We have designed it in several variations:

  • SPINBOX natural: 100g of Texel combed top, 100g of thin roving OBLAK Romney, 50g of Suffolk combed top, 50g of Wallachian combed top, 50g of mix combed top (a mixture of fibers from Slovak sheep breeds) and a handful (approx. 20g) of uncombed Romney locks.
  • SPINBOX art: 50g of hand-ccarded batt in a coloway of your choice, 100g of thin roving OBLAK Romney, 50g of Texel combed top, 50g of Suffolk combed top, 50g of handdyed Suffolk combed top,  and 50g of uncombed handdyed locks.

For the color combinations of hand-combed wool, you can choose from 5 variants: Field, Bonfire, Dream, Noon, and Dawn.

Mokoša promotes Slovak breedspecific wool, which is why our SPINBOX consits of combed tops from different sheep breeds. The intention is for you to try out how each wool spins, how it behaves, and what it is suitable for.

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