Combed top Texel, natural, 100g

Combed Texel top, made of locally sourced and processed slovak wool.

Texel wool is springy, lofty, this batch is even quite long and lustrous. These characteristics make the wool resilient, non-pilling and very fit to dye beautifully. It will be great for making yarns for any outer layers of textiles or home accesories.

Česanec je prameň vlny (resp. iného, načesaného vlákna), ktorý slúži ako polotovar predovšetkým na pradenie priadze na vretienku alebo kolovrátku.

Contrary to the situation abroad, combed tops made of slovak wool are a rare thing. We are quite happy to have our local wool in the form of industrially processed combed top in our offer.

Combed top is a strand of wool (or other combed fiber), which serves as a semi-finished product primarily for spinning yarn on a spindle or spinning wheel.

So attention, dear spinners! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced spinner, looking for a local wool, or you want to expand your knowledge about different types of breedspecific wool, this is something for you!

9.00 €

Generally, the Texel wool fineness is somewhere in the range of 26-33mic - common fineness of meat breeds. It is not superfine, but far from coarse types of wool. Staple length is 7-15cm. Texels are usually white, only exceptionally grey, but unfortunately not in Slovakia :-)

Texel wool is usually matte than lustrous, airy and spongy.

Thanks to its springiness it can retain warmth very well, therefore it is suited for outside garment layers -sweaters, mittens, socks. If you have got very sensitive skin, you can use it for home textiles, cushions, carpets, rugs or blankets. They will be very resilient, because Texel is stronger and longer and wont pill anytime soon.

Our batch of Texel combed tops shows more of its longwool gene pool and it is more silky, lustrous and sleek than it generally is. 

Our guess is that specific local breed mixes that made this specific Texel combed top, were of more longwool and softer sort, its softness is somewhere around 28 mic (our guess). Thanks to its lustre, it will dye very pretty and catch vivid shades well. However, if you are going to dye this top, manipulate it very carefully, as it is really lofty and delicate.