Art batts


Would you like to spin something more interesting than ordinary combed top and create unique yarns for fancy knitting? We totally understand and have something for you!

Choose a variant:

25.00 €

Wool for spinning can be combed, carded and blended by hand on a carder. The advantage is that you can mix the colours and fibre blend you need for the project, or simply for the relaxing and aesthetic experience of spinning.

We have prepared for you a small limited edition of handcarded artbatts and we even let go a bit of our exclusive-local-wool philosophy. Of course, slovak wool makes up the majority of the base, but it is enriched with angora and linen (which are still Slovak) and with fibers of foreign sheepbreeds (Icelandic, South American) and some glitter 🙂

The batts are 100g and we only have two of each in stock.

Variants to choose from:

  • ROSE: Texel, Suffolk, Romney, cotton, angelina

  • EVENING STAR: Texel, Suffolk, Romney, angora, angelina

  • LOAF: Texel, Romney, Ouessant, South American sheep, Icelandic sheep, linen, cotton, angelina

  • TIDE: Texel, Welsh, Suffolk, Romney, cotton, angelina

  • SPACE: Suffolk, Romney, sari silk, angelina 

  • KARI: Suffolk, Texel, Romney, sari silk

  • BALLERINA: Suffolk, Texel, Romney, Shetland, linen, rose fibre, angelina, cotton, sari silk