Mokoša is an ancient Slavic goddess who ruled the harvest, sheep, cattle and births. In addition, however, she also had handicrafts, spinning, weaving, flax, hemp and wool under her patronage. Her attribute was often spindle.

As most goddesses associated with fibers and textiles, Mokoša was believed to influence the fate and lifespan (did you notice how similar the words "spin" and "span" are?), because the connection to creating and cutting threads.

Together with her companions Sreča and Nesreča (Fortunate and Unfortunate) they formed a trio of Fates, whom we know also from other mythologies (eg Greek Norns).

Traditions, crafts and connections

Many information about the pagan Slavic religion has not been preserved, but the name Mokoša (Mokoš, Makoš, Mokuš) most likely indicates the fertile humidity of the Earth, on which human life and destiny thus depended. We chose her name because working with wool, spinning and using it revives our connection to the land as such, to the territory we live in, to the natural wealth we have here, to the handiwork of ancestors and archetypes that we consider healthy and useful to remember. Of course, this is true everywhere, not only among the Slavs, because both the earth and the sheep's wool endow us without distinction.

We borrow Mokoš's name to honor our heritage and to revive the continuity of crafts that have passed through human hands around the world since ancient times. At the same time, however, we want to support the declining slovak wool processing industry, as well as small breeders and farmers, conscientiously caring for their herds, by reviving interest in our local wool.

  • Everything is related to everything and sheep wool is not just about wool - it's the whole WOOL CIRCLE: coexistence of people and animals, use of natural resources, return to healthy textiles and its real fair price, maintaining the character of the landscape in protected areas through pastures or local market support and handicrafts.

In the capacity of the harvest deity, the earth, and its gifts, Mokoša takes over her rule on the day of the autumn equinox and steps down to clear the way for other forces during the All Saints Day. It is said that she favours those, who follow their destiny. Now, as we "accidentally" launched our brand exactly at the day of her ascend, that means we are on the right track, right? :-D And since it is no coincidence that this time also marks the period when wool was always processed and worn the most, we hope that it is on the right path with us.