Wool combs - a pair of 2 - row combs with clamp holder

Combing a fleece on wool combs is a way to a smooth combed top for spinning or other craft.

If you want to process sheep's wool by hand, you have to sort, wash and comb or card the fibers to be able to spin the yarn. Wool combs are an ideal tool for fibre preparation, especially for longer stapled wool (approx. from 7 cm upwards). The combs are able to clean the wool perfectly from vegetable matter and arrange the fibers smooth and parallel.

The kit contains:

• a pair of combs with two rows of firm teeth

• holder with a wooden pin that holds a static comb

• two clamps to attach the comb holder to a table.

Our combs are custom made by hand, by our own court master carpenter, so please count on a delivery date of about 1 month. We are working on optimising our production :-)

160.00 €


Before spinning, wool can be either combed by wool comb, or carded by hand cards or a drum carder. Carding, however, is a different type of fibre preparation. If your goal is a smooth strand of fibers arranged parallel next to each other, you need combs :-)

Wool combs are especially suitable for longer-stapled wool, which you can divide into individual locks. These are attached onto the teeth of the static comb and combed by the second comb, gradually from tips to the teeth of the static comb.

Combs clean the wool - if you are combing wool with some vegetable matter in it (please do not lose too much time with extremely dirty fleece), combs are your go-to tool. If you do not get it out with combs, you don't get it out with any other tool.

Working on combs is maybe the slowest way of fibre preparation, but at the same time this way you clean the wool and comb it most perfectly.

  • ATTENTION: This does not mean that combing is an ideal preparation for every wool and project..


Our wool combs are the first of their kind on our local market, they have been manufactured since 2017. During that time they have been successfully tested on many types of wool by dozens of satisfied customers.

  • The set is made of birch and beech plywood, so the material is very stable.
  • The teeth are made of solid stainless steel, inserted by hand so that the wool does not fall out.
  • Wooden parts are impregnated with organic linseed oil.
  • We recommend attaching the holder to a really heavy table, because pulling the top off the combs can easily move tables as well :-D


Our combs can withstand a lot of combing and we provide two-year warranty, but if you comb so much that you loosen a tooth (on the combs :-D), let us know, we will fix it!

If necessary, you can wipe the combs with a damp cloth or linseed oil once in a while, but usually the wood naturally draws grease from the processed wool and hands and does not need to be impregnated any more.