PASTEL, limited edition, 100g

On the occasion of celebrating love (which, as we all know, can be any day, not only 14th February :-D), we offer you a unique and unrepeatable limited edition of hand-dyed yarns from Slovak wool.

It's called PASTEL because it's fragile and it's all wool, so you have to take good care of it. Like love. Because with good care, it will last you for years

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Starting at 14.00 €

Mystery club is a limited edition specialty, where you can enjoy multi-coloured yarns we do not usually carry, as well as the moment of surprise. You can get in your package uniquely handdyed yarns of your choice for one, two or three months.

Our mystery club will work as one to three-month order, where you can choose one of our yarnbases (ONA, SPOLU, ZEM) or combed tops and its quantity. After that, you only wait until the mystery package arrives on chosen months. It means you can choose one, two or even three months, when you receive the handdyed goodness.

Next, spring mystery club will launch in February.