Drop spindle

Spindle - the most basic tool for spinning. From prehistoric times to the present day, it has been used to transform loose combed fibers into yarn.

Today, the spindle is an ideal way to try out spinning with minimal investment, or to train your skills until you get to a spinning wheel. Even on the spindle, it is possible to do almost all the tasks necessary to get the yarn you have in mind and which you can use for your projects.

The spindle is made by hand, in the workshop of our master carpenter, from pine wood and birch plywood. It is simple but well-balanced, firm and stable, dimensioned to serve well both beginners and professionals.

13.00 €


Weight: 40g (ideal "golden middle", which spins well both thicker and thinner yarns)

Height: 30cm

Maintenance: the spindle is unfinished and does not need special treatment. When spinning, it naturally draws grease from wool and hands.

You can find different sizes, types and shapes of spindles, but it will always consist of a shaft - axis and a whorl in the shape of a wheel, arms or a bulkier spindle tip. The whorl functions as a weight that ensures inertia. By twisting the spindle, the fibers connected to it are twisted, thus forming a yarn.

You definitely need a spindle if:

  • You want to try spinning and you don't know whether you will love it
  • You have tried spinning, but you do not have a spinning wheel or a budget for one
  • You want to practice spinning skills
  • You are already spinning and looking for a way to carry spinning with you
  • You are looking for a spindle of Slovak production, local craft, support of Slovak producers
  • You are looking for an easy way to use the wool you see around by learning a new skill
  • You are looking for a gift for someone you think would be interested in spinning

It is used with the whorl and the hook turned up. The fibre is attached to the hook at the top, or to a leader yarn, tied to the shaft and leading through the hook. The spindle is then twisted and fibers drafted out to create a yarn.You can find a lot of tutorials online, or contact us if you need a spinning course.