Woolen pencil roving OBLAK, unspun, romney, natural, 100g, chunky

OBLAK (CLOUD, in slovak) is a real specialty in our offer of slovak breedspecific wool that comes in two variants: roving of romney wool or suffolk wool.

This fibre comes from wool of romney sheep and is processed in Slovakia. However, it cannot be called a yarn in the true sense of the word - it is a thin, unspun strand. It has only just enough twist to hold it together.

However, the possibilities of its use are endless and exciting :-D (see description below)

If you have ever tried or wanted to try knitting with Icelandic yarn Plotu-loppi, now you have the opportunity to try our slovak version!

9.90 €


  • Color: undyed, natural
  • Structure: unspun/roving
  • Yarn weight: 60m / 100g, chunky
  • Content: 100% romney wool
  • Sample: 10x10cm: 10 stitches x 15 rows
  • Needles: 9mm (according to individual tension)
  • Delivery: hand-rewound and labeled ball. If you want to order more than 100g, we can wind the whole weight into one ball.


  • knit as is (but it is necessary to take into account the higher pilling potential of looser twist)
  • knit double with a stronger yarn that will make fabric stronger and add volume to the knitwear (e.g. with our VZDUCH or ZEM)


  • take apart into fluffs or felt roving as it is
  • knit for felting - the loose structure of OBLAK allows the fibers to be firmly locked and felted when knitted - all you have to do is knit a product that is two to three times larger and wash it at a high temperature in the washing machine


  • spin as it is to add twist. If you ply it afterwards, you get super-chunky, awesome-looking, soft and yet a bit more durable yarn :-)
  • spin a thinner yarn - OBLAK also works as a slender combed top, which is easier to handle when spinning thin yarns

DYEING AND FELTING combined will also work great with OBLAK, we don't even have to discuss that, do we?

  • this might be a bit advanced craft, but by combination of dyeing and felting, you can get an amazing material for cushions, rugs or weaving! However, we recommend extra careful handling while dyeing.

Romney marsh kent wool

Romney fleece can be one of the nicest things in the world of wool for several reasons:

1. It is soft and compact, without guard hair

2. It reaches a length of 15-20 cm, which supports its smoothness and durability in the yarn

3. It has a silky smooth surface and lustre

4. It felts perfectly!

As it combines softness, length, strength and smoothness, it is one of the best universally usable breedspecific wool. You can make anything with it: sweaters, hats, gloves, socks or scarves, shawls, cowls, home textiles or bags, or anything felted.

Although it does not reach exactly merino softness, it is softer than our other breedspecific wool, it is pleasant to wear on the body and is often tolerated even by sensitive skin types :-)

Romney marsh kent sheep (sometimes referred to as "kents") were bred in England. They were bred in wetlands - marshes, to be resilient to (especially hoof) diseases from the moist ground.

Romney is a meat breed with larger body frame, so there is also a decent amount of wool after shearing, 3-5 kg.

The breeding process also unified the wool, so of undercoat and guard hair (which usually need to be separated). Romney has beautiful consistent fleece.

Breeding Romney sheep was therefore especially successful: it belongs at the same time to fine-wool, meat and long-wool breeds.

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