Whatever we know about sheep wool in general and about local and breed specific in particular, we will share with you. 

Suffolk is originally an English breed of sheep, from the lowlands (one of the so-called "down breeds"), world-wide spread and adaptable, already bred in Slovakia quite commonly. It belongs among the meat breeds, therefore its wool has long been overlooked as a by-product. This is a shame, of course, because this fiber (like everything) has its...

Working with sheep's wool, especially hand-processing it, is a traditional craft that has been practiced around the world for millennia. Sometimes, however, one or two generations are enough to lose knowledge of the process, and with it an understanding of individual words or terms.

After both of us spent some time spinning and knitting, we started looking around for local Slovak wool. We found that there is more than enough ... but only as raw fleece - wool shorn off the sheep once or twice a year. But at this very beginning, complications begin.

Mokoša is an ancient Slavic goddess who ruled the harvest, sheep, cattle and births. In addition, however, she also had handicrafts, spinning, weaving, flax, hemp and wool under her patronage. Her attribute was often spindle.

A common concern of all those who are familiar with wool, knitting or spinning is whether they will be able to take good care of wool products. Many times even a wool blend on a clothing tag discourages a person from buying, because she/he is afraid that the nice expensive thing will felt. It is indeed a pity, because ...